I am currently a Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University,
with a passion for research-informed teaching and inquiry-based learning. I received my PhD from Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia in 2004. My work is centred on the nexus between technology-enhanced learning (TEL) and the
democratisation of education (e.g. learning design research and practice in higher/teacher education).  My background
is in educational psychology, values and human rights education and general social studies. Hence, I have a special interest in problematising, what I term ‘the businessification of teaching and learning’ within a neo-liberal framework of production and consumption, in which students are positioned as ‘the consumers’ of higher education. My research and teaching work is influenced by critical theorists such as (but not limited to): Henry Giroux, Paulo Freire, Michel Foucault, Jurgen Habermas and Pierre Bourdieu. Hence, my work as an academic is inherently political and I hope to be able to play my part in working towards a more egalitarian society and equality of educational opportunity.


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